Matchbox Cars
Suitcase Tag
Ford Keys
Vida Blue, 1975
Matchbox Car, No. 48
Racetrack Ribbons
Adidas Bag
Han Solo
Vise Grip
Graduation Tassel
The Dynamite Trap
K-2, Toy Car
Army Man
Lou Brock, 1976
Pliers Diptych
The Fallsview, Soap Bar
Spectacular Battle
Mom's Hair
Led Zeppelin Patch
Oil Can
JFK Memorial Plaque
Cornered in the Labyrinth
Jones Beach, Matchbook
Antique Toy Car
Wo Hop, Business Card
Bermuda Tool Kit, Souvenir
Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill
Snoopy Doll
Needle Nosing
Reggie Jackson, 1978
Fan Fueler
Last Boots
Mikey Rivers, 1976 (2).jpg
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